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LinPsk 1.2 is available as file release and from the svn. It depends on QT4 instead of QT3
This version supports loging with LinLogBook ( LinLogBook is a highly user configurable Logbook program. )
You can get the code of LinPsk 1.2 from the subversion repository by
svn checkout svn:// linpsk-1.2
Attention: linpsk will be build by qmake. So do the following steps in the linpsk directory:
qmake -unix -o Makefile
LinPsk requires fftw. Be sure to have fftw installed on your system. Perhaps you have to modify the LIBS settings at the end of the file in the src subdirectory.
LinPsk 1.2 is now available

Project Homepage

LinPsk 1.x now uses the alsa sound system natively.( Have a look at the README , how to use alsa ) Reading and writing of sounddata is done in a seperate thread.
The BPSK31 decoder was improved.

I have not resources to keep on maitaining DarwinPSK. The latest available release is DarwinPSK 0.8.1.
But there is an excellent program for Mac users CocoaModem by W7AY.
CocoaModem supports many more digital modes than DarwinPSK and was developped for Mac OSX natively.
I'd like to thank Chen, W7AY, for many usefull hints about digital modes.

LinPsk requires qt4 and fftw3 and was tested with alsa-lib 1.0.18 and alsa-driver 1.0.18 and gcc-4.3.3 .

Screenshot of LinPSK 0.7.1 
(LinPsk 0.6 )

 LinPsk and DarwinPsk
The version fits for both systems Linux and Darwin

RTTY samplefile ( wav.gz file, 1.4MB )

The latest binary version of DarwinPsk 0.8.1 for Mac OS X 10.3.2  directly drives the Mac soundsystem by means of the portaudio library. So the quality of the sound output has improved. Now you can use the built in soundcard or an sounddevice connected via usb.
LinPSK/ DarwinPSK is a Psk31 and RTTY  program for Linux/ Intel  and Macintosh /OSX. The PSK31 part is originally based on WinPsk 1.0 by Moe Wheatley, AE4JY.

Switching from QT2 to QT3 I did a major redesign especially of modulator/demodulator classes to implement new modulation types more easily in the future.
LinPSK supports BPSK, QPSK and RTTY at the moment.

With version it succeeded to maintain only one package for  both systems. The configure script detects the host OS and builds either LinPSK or DarwinPSK.

Many thanks to Tom, K3ORC, who compiles and  tests DarwinPSK. Read a short description written by Tom . This description is part of the package, too.

You can use as many receive channels as you wish ( and your computer is able to calculate ).
The number of macros is not limited any longer.

More data of your qso are now available for the definition of macros.
LinPSK requires QT3 and is tested with gcc 3.3. Additionally for the calculation of the spectrum the fftw library is needed. The documentation has to be written !

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I hope you'll enjoy LinPsk.
73! de Volker, DL1KSV